Historic Roswell Kiwanis conducted its 15th annual Kids' Bicycle Safety Rodeo on Sunday, May 15, 2016 while the Roswell Criterium Bicycle Races was taking place nearby. The Kids' Bicycle Safety Rodeo was co-sponsored by the Key Clubs of Centennial High School, Milton High School and Roswell High School, and by the Builders Clubs of Crabapple Middle and Elkins Pointe Middle Schools.

It was held at the Roswell United Methodist Church parking lot on the corner of Mimosa and Magnolia.

Historic Roswell Kiwanis believes that bicycle safety is one of the most important skills that can be taught in order to keep children who ride safe on the roads.

The Historic Roswell Kiwanis Kids' Bicycle Safety Rodeo is an organized "class" where children learn about cycling safety and bicycle handling skills. After the "class" portion, the children hit an obstacle course to navigate in order to "graduate" from the class and be eligible (six years and older) to race in the Kids' Criterium race to be held on the same course as the Pro race!

All bicycles were inspected and "tuned-up" by the mechanics of Roswell Bicycles, and all helmets were checked. Roswell Bicycles is a sponsor of the Roswell Criterium, and support the Bike Rodeo and the Mayor's Ride.

A special thanks to...
• Roswell United Methodist Church
•Mayor Jere Wood, Legion of Honor Kiwanian
•Roswell Recreation and Parks staff; Jeff Pruitt,
Roswell Recreation Department Deputy Director
•Roswell Bicycles mechanics and staff
Bike Roswell!
•Roswell Police Department   
• Fire Dept. EMTs, Roswell Public Safety Department
•Roswell Transportation Department
• Key Clubs of Centennial, Milton and Roswell High Schools
• Builders Clubs of Crabapple and Elkins Pointe Middle Schools     
Historic Roswell Kiwanis volunteers

After the Rodeo,  participants ready for the youth races to begin

15th Annual Historic Roswell Kiwanis
Kids' Bicycle Safety Rodeo Held in Perfect Weather
The bicycles of all participants will be inspected
as a courtesy of Roswell Bicycles
After the rodeo, Roswell Police are scheduled to close roads in the area and participants will be provided an escort to the race circuit.
After the "class" portion, children "graduate" and those six years and older will be eligible to race in the Kids Race to be held on the same course as the pro race!
  Please note these Kids Bicycle Safety Rodeo rules and conditions: 
  • The Historic Roswell Kiwanis Kids' Bicycle  Safety Rodeo is conducted by the Kiwanis Club of
     Historic Roswell, Inc, (Historic Roswell Kiwanis).
  • There is no charge for the Historic Roswell Kiwanis Kids' Bicycle Safety Rodeo.
  • Each participant should provide his/her own bicycle and helmet -- we will have no bikes or
     helmets that can be loaned.
  • In order for a child to participate, a parent or guardian must complete a registration form for
     his/her child.
  • Registration is scheduled begin at 2 pm; rodeo  is scheduled begin at 3 pm. It will conclude at
     approximately 4:30 pm.  However, Historic Roswell Kiwanis reserves the right to modify
     start or end times, or any other aspects of the event.
  • Bike Rodeo participants must be 5 years old as of date of the event.
  • Parents are requested to remain at bike rodeo site while his/her child is participating.
  • The Bike Rodeo will be held as long as weather conditions are safe as determined by the
     Historic Roswell Kiwanis event director.  The Bike Rodeo will NOT be conducted in thunder
     and/or lightning, or while other dangerous conditions are present in the area.
All helmets will be checked.
Emergency Medical Technicians from the Roswell Fire Department
are scheduled to be on-site during the Rodeo.

  • Kids Races:  The Criterium Officials -- not Historic Roswell Kiwanis -- will conduct the
     Kids' Criterium for Rodeo participants who are six years of age and older and who have
     completed the full rodeo to participate in Kids Race on the Criterium race circuit. Once
     participants leave the site of the rodeo (parking lot at Magnolia and Mimosa), individually
     or as a group at approximately 4:45 pm, the rodeo is completed.
     Roswell Public Safety officials, subject to availability, are scheduled to escort participants from
     rodeo site to Criterium site at which point Criterium officials will be in charge of activities.
     Historic Roswell Kiwanis has no authority or control of the Criterium circuit or kids' Criterium.
     thereon. Historic Roswell Kiwanis does NOT conduct the Kids' Criterium.
  • Other conditions apply.  Please see registration form at time of rodeo.
  • Click for Kids' Criterium details
  Rodeo Schedule
    2 - 3 pm  Registration
    3 - 4:30 pm  Bike Rodeo
    4:45 pm (approximately)   Roswell Public Safety officials are scheduled to escort  (subject to
                                                   availability) participants from rodeo site to Criterium site
  .All times are subject to change.  Historic Roswell Kiwanis reserves the right    
to modify start or end times, or any other aspects of the event.