Annually, The Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell awards college scholarships to local high school seniors.

Description of scholarships: The awards are for the 2015-2016 academic year and for one year only.  Scholarships are for current high school seniors (2015 graduates) at high schools in Roswell which have a Key Club. Applicants must be a member of his or her school's Key Club to qualify.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a number of factors including financial need, academic record, and community service. 

The number and the amount of awards, if any, will be determined solely at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee or the Historic Roswell Kiwanis Board of Directors. 

Applications: Application packets are currently (or will be) available in the Guidance Counselor's office at qualifying high school(s). 

Deadline for submission:
Centennial High School -- Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Roswell High School -- Friday, April 10, 2015

Announcement  of  Awards:  No  earlier  than  the  end  of  May , 2015 , in

conjunction with the schools' regularly scheduled awards program.

Payment of funds:  Scholarship funds will be paid directly to colleges attended by the successful candidate(s), in two installments: before the beginning of the Fall, 2015 and Spring, 2016 semesters. Successful candidates will be provided more specific details and requirements concerning receipt of awards. Funds will not be granted unless details are followed.

Conditions: The Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell, Inc. may decline to award any scholarships for any reason at the sole determination of the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell, Inc. or its Scholarship Committee. All applications and supporting documents become property of The Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell, Inc.  and will remain confidential until securely disposed of. The scholarship application has further conditions and requirements. Decisions of the Scholarship Committee concerning scholarship awards are final.  Applications should be completed fully or may be disqualified.

No applicant for financial assistance will be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin or sexual preference..

Questions:  Contact   Please, no phone calls.
Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell

College Scholarships for High School Seniors
Class of 2015