Roswell Mayor Jere Wood presented his annual State of the City remarks to the Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell at its weekly noon meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2012.  Mayor Wood traditionally presents his State of the City Address to Historic Roswell Kiwanis.
Mayor Wood  told Historic Roswell Kiwanis that the city will do more to promote economic development in 2012 than at any time since 1839 when Roswell King built the first textile mill in north Georgia.
For the first time in his administration, the city council has made creating jobs, attracting investments and promoting businesses its top priority, Wood said.
“It’s a major shift in direction. It is palpable,” the mayor said the morning after his address to Kiwanis.
Mayor Wood, serving his fourth term as Roswell's chief executive, is a charter member of Historic Roswell Kiwanis.  Mayor Wood was presented a Hixson Fellowship from the club and also holds Kiwanis Legion of Honor status, signifying membership in Kiwanis of over 25 years.
 Mayor Wood will present his 2013 State of the City address to Historic Roswell Kiwanis in January, 2013.
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Mayor Jere Wood Presents State of the City Address
at Historic Roswell Kiwanis