Historic Roswell Kiwanis
Teacher of the Year Recognition 2018

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, Historic Roswell Kiwanis honored Teachers of the Year from the schools which feed Roswell High school. 

One of the most important assets that any community has is great schools.  Fulton schools are exceptional and are made so by outstanding, committed staff.

Each year, every public school in Fulton County selects the best of the best -- a building-level Teacher of the year.  This is a outstanding honor and reflects highly on those selected.  These Teachers of the Year are nominated by their peers and selected by former award winners and administrators.

Congratulations to these wonderful, dedicated educators -- Historic Roswell Kiwanis is proud to honor you...

• Michell Philpot, Hembree Springs Elementary School
• Gina Brewer, Mimosa Elementary School
• Bethany Corson, Mountain Park Elementary School
• E. B. Blount, Roswell North Elementary School
•  Diedre Kinoshita, Sweet Apple Elementary School
• Morgan Tew, Vickery Mill Elementary School
• Liz Speaks, Crabapple Middle School
• Rawlings Johnson, Elkins Pointe Middle School 
(Elkins Pointe Middle School Builders Club Advisor)
• Emily Kennedy, Roswell High School
• John Donville, Centennial High School

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Roswell High School Cluster Teachers of the Year 2018 (Left to right): Bethany Corson,Mountain Park Elementary School; Rawlings Johnson, Elkins Pointe Middle School;  Gina Brewer, Mimosa Elementary School; John Domville, Centennial High School; Emily Kennedy, Roswell High School; Liz Speaks, Crabapple Middle School; Diedre Kinoshita, Sweet Apple Elementary School;  Michell Philpot, Hembree Springs Elementary School;  E. B. Blount, Roswell North Elementary School; Morgan Tew, Vickery Mill Elementary School