First, you pick up the beer bottle!: Adopt-A-Road Chair Judi Brown explains the finer points of trash pick-up.
Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day: Intrepid souls gain fortification before starting the arduous task!  From left: Neal Ford; Kiwanian of the Year Judi Brown; Bart van de Griend and new Roswell Kiwanian Chris van de Griend; Ruby and Bill Purdie. Participating but not pictured are Jim Hirz, Matt Hirz, Ron Jackson and John Ottley.
Even this must be reported to Kiwanis!: Club Secretary Ruby Purdie (and her trusty assistant Bill) documents seven bags of trash, including numerous beer bottles, Walmart bags, a sofa cushion and an Alpharetta street sign.
Past Adopt-A-Road Clean-up days

December 11, 2004
A hard day's work...the work detail stops after the task is done for a group shot.  Key Clubbers who helped:  Amy-Lynn Floody, Vincent Guagliardo, Wilson Lyle, Salvador Ocampo, Joseph Perrini, Kevin Ryan, Michael Walters, Ramsey Ward.  Kiwanians who helped included:  Neal Ford, Ron Jackson, Fred Levy, Jim Hirz, Chris Van de Griend and Bo Whitley.

Not pictured: Bo Whitley, Ron Jackson and Neal Ford

November 1, 2005
Kiwanian Fred Levy leads Key Club members...

September 23, 2006
Adopt-A-Road June 9, 2007

20 January 2007
Thanks to Kiwanians:  Jean Adams, Mary Bell, Nick Bell, Liz Jackson, Ron Jackson, Bill Purdie, Ruby Purdie,
Randy Switts and Bo Whitley
Roswell High School Key Clubbers -- Vincent Guagliardo and Michael Walters
Blessed Trinity High School Key Clubbers -- Marc Mastrangelo, Trent McMullen, Susie Testerman
14 April 2007
Thanks to Kiwanians:  Liz Jackson, Ron Jackson, Roger Lamprey, Janet Liberman,
Bill Purdie, Ruby Purdie, Randy Switts, Chris Van de Griend and the Kiwanis wonder dog, Doj.

19 April 2008